What can Thermography Full Body Scans tell me about my health?

(The following is a guest post by Dr. Nancy Gardner)

From head to toe our body can talk to us and give us warning signs of poor health –hopefully we are paying attention and respond early enough to do something about it. Thermography is one of those unique ways to look at the body using an Infrared Camera. It is a LYMPHATIC TOXICITY heat detector so it can see patterns that are normal (benign), atypical (meaning just not the way it should be but not yet a pathology) and abnormal (serious potential pathology or disease).

Root Canal Infection

A Full Body Thermography can reveal numerous health issues from dental infractions or root canal infections, hyper-metabolic lymphatic system and looking at the ophthalmic artery at the center of the eyes can show us the levels of stenosis of the carotid artery. We can also see regional inflammations in the area of organs like the liver or pancreas waking us up to toxic exposure or more serious digestive disturbances. Breast Thermography in addition to screening for breast cancer can also reveal mammary duct infection, inflamed cysts or leaky augmentation appliance.

Diagnostic Tool

The goal of full body scan, as is any diagnostic tool is to find health issues early enough to do something about it. Why wait until you need hospitalization and drugs to treat and illness when you can make changes to avoid poor health ahead of time? We are being constantly bombarded by toxins in our environment, cleaning products, cosmetic products and inorganic foods. As we make an effort to clean toxins out of our life we will find it necessary to do a CAROTID ARTERY EVALUATION   a cleanse of all the eliminatory organs in order to help them do their job with self help therapies to cleanse the liver, lungs, kidneys, skin, colon and lymphatic system.

Breast Thermography

Breast Thermography can see changes in the breast 10 years before a mammography can pick up a problem, giving us time to change the diet and nutrition to reverse the potential disease before it happens. It is painless with no compression or harmful carcinogenic radiation.

Nancy Gardner-Heaven, PhD. has a Masters in Nutrition and PHD in Clinical Research and runs the Optimum Health Clinic in San Rafael, CA. Due to the high rate of breast cancer, Nancy Gardner has made a commitment to educate women about preventing breast cancer worldwide. She also provides Mobile Screenings in the Fresno, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, San Jose, San Rafael, Sacramento and Hawaii every three months.