The Fifth Season – Late Summer

late summer blog

In this tradition, a fifth season is often added to the four of Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Late Summer is in August and early September. For people who already have a tendency to be hot, it can make things worse – hot flashes, UTI’s, yeast infections, skin rashes, digestive upset, increased inflammation. But for those who underlying cold, it’s a great time to heat up.  Where the kidney yang, or base warmth of the body, is weak, one feels cold all the time and may be more susceptible to asthma. Low thyroid function corresponds to spleen and kidney yang deficiency, ant the elderly in general are deficient in yang, this is why they always feel cold. Yang also relates to sexual libido, the immune system, and even building strong bones. So all of these can be best helped at this time of year. Late Summer is considered the optimal time to tonify yang with moxibustion, to prevent the onset of asthma and cold related aches and pains in the winter. Now is the time we can tap into nature’s heat and bring it into ourselves. It’s more difficult in the winter when the earth’s yang energy is at an all time low.

So this is why I always recommend coming in at this time of year for a tune up. Whether you need to clear the heat or build it up, now’s the time to do it. It’s especially critical for immune function, with cold and flu season coming up. Start building things now. This includes taking your medicinal mushrooms!

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