My Springtime Offering to You

daffodilsHere is an affirmation I like to say daily or at least weekly.  It will help you take care of yourself.    I got it from a little Yoga Routine/Mediation I often do in the mornings.  It’s a transcript of the words the teacher, Gael Chiarella, speaks at the end of the routine.  I’m hoping she won’t mind, as long as I credit her and encourage you to buy her AM/PM Yoga Meditations.  They’re my favorite for doing guided deep relaxations.  The PM ones help you sleep!


An affirmation I like to say daily, with love and care, no judgment or guilt:


I offer you, my body, these affirmations:


I recognize that You are the temple in which my spirit and my creative energy dwell


You are my responsibility to care for


And I have the ability to make you healthy and well


I accept you as my creation


I need you,


I love you.


So be it, and so it is.


May you have a wonderful bessed day!


from:  Gael Chiarella, A.M. Yoga Meditations, #4, The Relaxation Company


May you give yourself the love and nurturing you deserve, may you be happy, healthy, and live with ease.


Rhoda Climenhaga, L.Ac.




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